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Savage esports

Savage esports
  • PS4, PC

  • United States of America

  • English


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    This team doesn't have any matches yet!

This team currently doesn't have any matches!
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    COD: Cold War (PC) SEASON 3 LEAGUECOD: Cold War3/16 Teams Registered
    Start date:2022-12-02 12:00
    Tournament typeLeague
    Prize$3000, $2000, $1000
    Game formatBest of 1
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    R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 MNEB Season 2Rainbow 6 Siege4/10 Teams Registered
    Start date:2022-12-04 00:30
    Tournament typeKnockout
    Prize$5000, $2500, $1000, T-Shirt
    Game formatBest of 3
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